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Sabrina Maag
Ursula Reuter-Mayring
Birgit Ulmer

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Horizonte — Neue Serie • Nuova Serie
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The name Neue Horizonte (new horizons) may on first sight appear as a worn-out metaphor, but is an existential one in the case of this journal and has been chosen for several reasons: as a reference to the journal Horizonte, which moved and extended the horizon of the Italianistic landscape for more than a decade within the German speaking countries, hence revealing it as a relative border only, and as an allusion to the new form of publication, which supports the idea of openness and wideness whilst continuing and elaborating the formerly chosen focuses.

Horizonte — Neue Serie • Nuova Serie provides a space for contributions to all topics and periods of Italian literature and culture with an emphasis that lies, however, on the modern and contemporary. The journal connects theoretical reflection on culture with the presentation of current literary patterns. The wide range of topics will be of interest to scholars but also appeal to lovers of Italian literature, culture and language. The creation of a truly independent forum for the young scholars in Italy and the German speaking countries – free of the multiple interests in effect within today’s scientific community’s structures – remains a particular objective of the new journal. Horizonte — Neue Serie • Nuova Serie continues last but no least the tradition of the former journal Horizonte of presenting in each edition – as a sort of poetic embodiment of its program – literary texts which are published or appear in translation for the first time.

The title Horizonte plays programmatically with the multitude of possible and variable points of views, the agility of knowledge and the intended motion between various disciplines. It does, however, acknowledge that looking at something always leads to the looking away from something else. The horizon’s quality of being an insoluble border represents an obstacle to perception which stimulates the imagination – the horizon is after all the furthermost frontier of visibility, beyond which the spaces of the imaginary and the infinite open up.


The editorial team looks forward to your submissions and suggestions. Please request our stylesheet with detailed guidelines in regard to submissions and texts accepted for publication. All texts will be carefully revised and proofread and published in accordance with the authors.

Publication, Guidelines and Review Setup

Horizonte — Neue Serie • Nuova Serie is published once a year as a digital journal with the rubrics ARTIKEL/ARTICOLI, LITERARISCHE STIMMEN/VOCI and REZENSIONEN/RECENSIONI at www.horizonte-zeitschrift.deAll texts will be published in an online version and as PDF files. They are each provided with a PID (persistent/permanent identifier), which ensures the long-term availability and persistent citability of all articles in the form of individual links independent of the journal’s website.

Archive management, archive data backups and data protection are guaranteed through out professional external server hosting.

All submissions will undergo an editorial review. At least two members of the editorial team and advisory board, if necessary with the help of external experts, will look through the texts.

Copyright/Open Access Guidelines

Horizonte — Neue Serie • Nuova Serie is published from 2016 as an open-access journal. All contributions will be published under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).